Run a Seedling Nursery

iStock_000013594513SmallWe want to help enable 50 Million new trees to be planted in Britain and 1 Billion trees globally by 2020. Imagine what a difference that would make.

This is a tall order but if we get everyone to help we can meet or even beat these targets. We are already working in collaboration with local groups in SE Asia and are looking for volunteers elsewhere across the globe.

Can you sponsor or even run a seedling nursery?

Can you help run a local co-ordination group in your spare time to help us meet our aims?

No environmental charity has the resources to do this alone or manage it cost effectively but with your help we can.

We want people to grow seedlings locally, in allotments,  in their gardens, yards or even terraces to either plant themselves  or to give away for free within their communities to those who can identify suitable areas for planting.

Whether this be just one or two seedlings or saplings a year or 100, it will all help.

You don’t even need to buy any equipment or seeds. You can collect seeds for free from local wooded areas, use old plastic bottles and packaging as containers and with suitable soil or compost, a bit of care and maintenance (and time) those are all the steps required.

Not all landowners have the resources or time to plant trees but may be delighted for others to do so with permission.

Smaller arable farms are often marginal or even unprofitable businesses. Most farmers care about the environment but cannot always afford the time and money to plant their hedgerows, field edges or unused patches of ground but with your help they may be delighted for you or others to.

Interested? we are happy to help you in a variety of ways. We will shortly be publishing handbooks  for different geographical areas to help those interested.

e-mail us for more information from the contact page.