Gift Aid

Gift Aid

Registered charities will greatly benefit from the tax paid on your donations. This will make your support even more valuable, and at no additional cost to you.

If you Gift Aid your donation, World Tree Trust will receive an additional 28p for every pound you give.

How to Gift Aid

The process is simple and all you have to do is make a Gift Aid declaration. This can be done by ticking the box on our website when you make a donation

World Tree Trust can then reclaim the basic rate tax.

  • Please notify us if you change your name or address while the declaration is still in force
  • You can cancel the declaration at any time by notifying us – it will then not apply to donations you make on or after the date of cancellation or such later date as you specify
  • If in the future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and capital gains equal to the tax that we reclaim, you can cancel your declaration

Can you Gift Aid?

You can Gift Aid your donation if:

  • income tax is taken from your wages or salary before you receive your pay
  • you pay tax after filling in a self-assessment form each year
  • you have had tax deducted at source from savings interest
  • you have paid tax on State Pension and/or other pensions
  • you have paid tax on investment or rental income
  • you have paid Capital Gains Tax on gains
  • If you pay tax at a higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return

If you are a company / School / trust

Donations from companies, schools and trusts cannot be Gift Aided. Donations from companies should be given including tax. The company can then claim back the tax when doing their annual accounts.

If you are a pensioner

You can Gift Aid your donations if you pay tax on a private pension plan or a savings account, or pay capital gains tax if you sell property or shares.

If you are unsure whether your donations qualify for Gift Aid tax relief, please contact us or you can visit HM Revenue and Customs’ website to find out more.